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12 Pack Sports Buddy® BUDDY WEISER™ Beer. For when nothing but the best will do, but you don’t want to pay for it. Made with a secret recipe we copied and changed around a little. Refrigerate before opening!



We’re the manufacturer of Sports Buddy®. Meaning we made him up. Same thing if you ask us. Or ask the Edmonton Oilers, Boston Celtics, Halifax Mooseheads, Moncton Wildcats or other teams and leagues we make stuff up for.

We love sports. But since teams that hire us won’t let us play for them, we do marketing and production work for them. And for non-sports—from beauty products to burgers, cars… you name it. Or get us to name it. We do that too.

Wherever you are, you can reach us here: Thank you for your interest in Sports Buddy®. Here’s a link to some of our other fine products:

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