"No, I'm the GOAT."
#1 Sports Buddy®, Team Sports

"I have no idea who Sports Buddy® is."*
#15 Patrick, Kansas City

Say Hello to Sports Buddy®

Fill that empty seat on your couch—no social distancing required. Just you, your Sports Buddy®, and your favorite sport. Game on!

"I'm not able to comment."*
#22 Christian, Milwaukee

Why Sports Buddy®

Sports are coming back. But without cheering crowds or having friends over to your place. How sad is that? Everyone knows sports are about winning. And watching alone is for losers. But with Sports Buddy®, you’re never alone. Shelter in place, self-isolate… Sports Buddy® is right there with you, cheering on your favorite teams and trash talking the rest. He knows sports and likes a cold one same as you. Is Sports Buddy® as good as a human friend? No. He’s way better.

"I don't like him at all."*
#97 Connor, Edmonton

Order Sports Buddy® Today

What are you waiting for? Sports Buddy®, that’s what. He’s only a few clicks away, and the sooner you order yours, the faster you’ll be watching games together.

"I'm not sure how he got my phone number, but I wish he didn't."*
#2 Kawhi, Los Angeles

Recycled Plastic

Besides transforming your environment, Sports Buddy® is a buddy to the whole environment, because he’s made from 100% recycled plastic solid waste. His shoe size may be 12, but his carbon footprint is zero.

100% Beerproof

An errant stream of shotgunned beer is a death sentence for most home electronics. But not Sports Buddy®. Sports Buddy® loves beer. Beer and malt liquor actually improve Sports Buddy’s® sports knowledge and skill at calling out bad coaching. Just like you.

Dynamic Volume Control

When was the last time you wished you could turn down the volume on some guy during a game? Every time, right? That’s why full-spectrum dynamic volume control is standard on every Sports Buddy® model. Don’t like what you hear? Dial it down or totally mute it. He’s your buddy, but you’re the boss.

Order your Sports Buddy® today!